My latest work



OfficeHub is matches people who look for coworking spaces and people who have such. It's both a phone service and a platform similar to AirBnb.

My role

For OfficeHub I designed and built everything from their current landing page to their new platform (currently in beta) - from pixel to data-model.


Sep 2016 - Feb 2017




Legatbogen is Denmark's largest search engine for grants and scholarships with an audience spanning from students to scientists.

My role

For Legatbogen I built the frontend from scratch for their current platform. I worked together with their backend developer, and helped the designer from time to time.


May 2016 - Aug 2016




Zetland is digital and well-funded news-magazine that publish long-form articles and seek to cut through the noise of click-bait and snappy headlines.

My role

For Zetland I layed the foundation for their current frontend. I also helped out with design now and then and attended discussions on usability, data-models etc.


Oct 2015 - Mar 2016


Some of the tools I know and love

  • JavaScript


    JavaScript is by far my preferred language. I write every day to stay fit. ES5 or ES6 depending on the project.

  • React


    I spent a few weeks with React before understanding what was going on. I haven't found a replacement since.

  • Redux


    jQuery has nothing, Angular 1.x has $scope and Redux saved me too much hair for me to let it go.

  • Node.js


    My experience with JavaScript made Node.js a natural choice when I started doing backend development.

  • MongoDB


    I have plenty of experience with MySQL and PostgreSQL but prefer MongoDB (if relations are few).

  • Webpack


    Webpack is my go to build tool because of resolves, code-splits and asynchronous module loading.

  • Gulp


    I prefer Gulp over Grunt because of configuration, performance and dx. I use it when Webpack is overkill.

  • SASS


    I used pure CSS, moved to LESS but ended up with SASS/SCSS. I use BEM for structure to save time and head space.

  • Git


    I normally use Git with Github or Bitbucket. I'm not at all afraid of code-reviews or pair-programming.

  • Jekyll


    I use Jekyll for sites like this. It's quick, has little boilerpate and works without one maintaining a package.json

  • Wordpress


    I learned PHP from developing Wordpress themes and plugins. I use it when scope and/or budget is a match.

  • Sketch


    Although I used Photoshop for more than 7 years I only used Sketch for a week before making the switch.

Besides that..

I've always loved building stuff and had taught myself to code before university. Because of that I chose an educational path that allowed me to gain knowledge in a not so technical area, and thus studied Information Management at Copenhagen Business School. That gave me a theoretical foundation for working with user research, information architecture and data storage 🤓

After graduating I worked more than 5 years as a freelance designer and developer. During this time I used the freedom of remote work to travel and live in Barcelona, New York and Hamburg. These days I wake up in Copenhagen 😎

During the past decade I've been lucky enough to join and co-found a handful of companies 🚀 Some successes, some failures. These experiences have taught me a bit about the non-technical side of validating, building and selling digital products. Some of my takeaways are listed here:

1 ) Assumptions are dangerous; the world is not what we think. As a designer and developer I've spent too much of my life building products people didn't need. I've learned the hard way what pretotyping is all about - test before you build. Hence, I value "data shows" and "we know" way more than "I think" or "we believe".

2 ) Asking why is important; a given but often forgotten when the band's playing. Questions such as: Why is feature X more important than feature Y? Why are we having this discussion? Do we have product-market-fit or is our world-view distorted due to our love for the product? Could've saved me many missteps.

3 ) Have fun; we're only here once. It's a cliché, I know. But I wanna be able to look back and think of my time in front of the screen (quite a lot to be honest) as a fun time. I don't care if it's a funny comment on Slack, a joke on Skype or a beer after work.. I seek to work with teams (with cultures) that support it 🙌

How can I help? Reach me at or +45 61755905